Science is AMAZING!

Second semester is here! Continue to bring your science notebook everyday. We are finishing up our long unit on matter and will be starting our research project soon. After that, you can look forward to lots of mini units on energy, waves, light, sound, forces & motion, and engineering.

Don't let the cold winter weather keep you indoors! There's plenty to do and see outside if you just get bundled up and head out the door. Go sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, or just go for a nice leisurely walk. Listen for the birds chirping, watch for tracks in the snow and try to catch a snowflake on your tongue. Enjoy winter!


Welcome to 6th grade science!!

You will use your science composition notebook almost EVERY DAY!  Please bring it and come ready to learn!

Our first unit this fall is OBSERVATIONS, MEASUREMENTS, and PHENOLOGY!  On days we go outside, dress appropriately.  You will be expected to go outside whether or not you come prepared.

Parents, please talk to your kids about acting safely and responsibly in the science lab.  We will be working with a variety of materials, to which inappropriate or irresponsible behavior will not be tolerated.

Science requires lots of hands-on work in lab groups.  Please remember to be respectful, talk to your lab partners, and compromise when necessary.  We are problem solvers!

Lastly, we will continue to practice and use the metric system in everything we do in science.  Many people struggle with this, so please MEASURE, MEASURE, and MEASURE some more at home. Centimeters are not that scary.  :)

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