6th Grade Language Arts Class  

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year. We are excited to have a great year with new students!
  * Important Notice:
The student's logbook will be the current daily assignment. 

Harry S Truman
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Lisa Palkowski
Room 103-3

(507) 494-1133

Teri Reuter
Room 104-4
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6th grade syllabus

6th grade reading requirement

In 6th grade, students are required to read 70 pages per week. This starts on the 1st full week of school and will continue thru May. Every Monday, teachers will ask for "page numbers" where the students let us know how far they have read. Students will receive full points if they have read at least 70 pages. Reduced points are given for amounts less than 70. Periodically, and randomly, we will assign projects that students will complete based on the book they are reading at that time, which is a method we use for accountability as well as focusing on reading skills and topics.