Current Activities in Physical Education
                     5th Grade
             6th Grade           7th Grade               8th Grade

Mr. Jacobs:        Track                          Track                       Frisbee Golf                   Softball
Mr. McDevitt:     Track                          Track                       Frisbee Golf                  Softball
Mr. Riemer:        Track                         Track                         -------                          Softball       
Mrs. Schultz:      Track                         Track                        Tennis                         Speed-Away      
Ms. Stein:           Track                        -------                        Outdoor Rec                 Tennis          

Physical Education and Health

During their time at the Winona Middle School the students will enjoy a wide variety of activities that will challenge, educate and allow for growth in many different areas.  Students will be challenged with individual, dual, and team sports.  As well as lifelong and fitness activities.  Students will have the opportunity to learn through many different teaching styles while participating in a wide variety of classroom settings.  

At the Winona Middle School our Physical Education Department has the luxury of utilizing 2 gymnasiums, a 25 meter swimming pool with 2 diving boards, a newly updated Fitness Center, 3 baseball/softball fields, 6 tennis courts and acres of green space.  

Health Education is taught within the Physical Education classes for sixth, seventh and eigth grade students.  Each student will recieve two units of Health each year starting in sixth grade.  Each unit lasting approximately 7-10 class days.  

Department Goal:
The Physical Education Department at the Winona Middle School embraces a comprehensive Physical Education model.  Our goal is to provide an atmosphere that is enjoyable for the students, while emphasizing the importance of good health.  The curriculum is student centered, based on individual differences and geared toward accomplishing lifelong learning and healthy living habits.  

Physical Education Staff Contact Info:

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